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My eHarmony Review

As far as dating sites go, I believe eHarmony is at the top of the heap. In this article, I will provide a brief review of this online matchmaking service based on my experience using them for a couple years.

eharmony dating siteOverall, I give eHarmony high marks. I love the fact that they take dating seriously. In fact, it’s safe to say eHarmony is not really trying to hook you up with a date at all. Instead, the site makes a genuine effort to find you the love of your life. To be sure, such a goal does sound a bit overly ambitious, but success speaks for itself, and many studies have shown that eHarmony contributes to more marriages than other dating sites. So if it’s a serious relationship you are after, then eHarmony is the place to be.

The site itself is surprisingly simple. You can join for free, but then you will need to complete a long test designed to assess your personality. Once that is complete, you will begin receive matches based on eharmony’s dimensions of compatibility. From there, you can engage in guided communication with your matches or jump straight to open ended messaging.

The process does take a while, but it seems to work quite well. To be honest, eHarmony does require more patience than other sites, but if you are looking for a meaningful relationship, such things generally don’t happen overnight. eHarmony does a good job of finding you people with whom you are most likely to have a connection. Depending on what you’re looking for at this time in your life, it could be the exact thing you are looking for.

I encourage you to learn more about eHarmony and get a free trial offer by going to